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Annual Group Renewals

Guide to renewing a group.

When a group is due for renewal, the agent and group leader will receive a notice from MHC 60 days prior to renewal date. You also can log into your portal and see what groups are due for renewal under the ‘Needs Action’ tab.

If a group is due for renewal, you will be notified ahead of time and get a notification at the bottom of your portal dashboard.
From your home page if you scroll to the bottom, you will see how many of your groups are due for renewal under the ‘Needs Action’ section
Click on ‘Due for Renewal’ to open all of your groups.

Then open a group you are ready to start the renewal for

You should see a ‘Start Group Renewal’ option in the middle of the page

After you start your renewal, by clicking on “Start Group Renewal”, the first page will be a review of the group.

You can edit the address, contributions, or plan selections on this page. If nothing is changing, click Next to move to the next page. You can upload any documents pertaining to the group here. If there are no documents, click next.

The final page is an overview of the group information. Enrollment period dates can be updated so the open enrollment dates of your choice. Benefits cannot be added until open enrollment starts.

After reviewing the above dates, click save on the bottom of the page, and then at the bottom of the page it will tell you to submit the group renewal.

MHC will get notification of the submitted renewal and will approve it. The agent will receive an email from MHC once the group has been approved.

Once open enrollment begins, open the Employee tab and view an employee. Each employee will have a “Start Renewal” and “Opt-Out Renewal.”

If the employee is wishing to renew, click start renewal and begin the application.

If the employee is not wanting to renew, click on Opt-Out Renewal.

After all employees have renewed or opted out of renewal, go back to the group’s dashboard and Submit Group Enrollment.

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