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Signature Benefit

Receive $50 for completing a free health assessment at home*
or via telehealth!

Discuss your health concerns with a provider at no cost to you. Your treatments will stay the same during your visit, but all details will be shared with your primary care provider so everyone stays informed. How it works.

How it Works

Available annually to all Members.

Register your interest to schedule an appointment.

Your Porter Care Guide will reach out within 72 hours to schedule your free appointment.

When they call, your caller ID may read, “Porter & MHC.

The health assessment does not replace your annual wellness visit. Instead, it gives you a chance to discuss issues that matter to you.

Note: The provider completing your assessment isn’t able to change or add medications or alter the treatment plan your doctor has given you.

Your Care Guide will help you:

  • understand your health plan benefits,
  • arrange access to preventive care,
  • find in-network doctors,
  • and more. 

After your Assessment is complete, your Porter Care Guide will provide a personalized care plan.

You’ll be able to continue working with your Care Guide (1-800-558-9922) for 30 days to make the most of your results. 

This assessment is completed at no charge to you.  After you complete your assessment, you will receive a $50 check in the mail within 90 days of your appointment.

The Fine Print

*Available beginning January 1st. In-home visits are available in select locations. The program is available for eligible Mountain Health CO-OP members over 18 years of age in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

** We partner with Porter to offer this benefit and support your health.

Call our Member Services team at (855) 447-2900 for details

All-Purpose Feedback Form

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2. DO NOT FORGET to enter the page name.

Step 1

Request an appointment

Your ID number is found under your name on your Member ID card. 

More details about your Member ID card.

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. MST

Translation Services: 801-587-6480, Opt 6

TTY Users: 1-800-346-4128, or dial 711

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