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The non-profit health insurance company governed by you.

We believe in access to affordable quality healthcare, which is why our members govern our CO-OP.

We believe in investing profits back into our members through added benefits and services like dental and vision reimbursements, telehealth, travel benefits, and a number of no-cost prescriptions.

Come as you are, whoever you are. We’re Mountain Health CO-OP,  we belong to you, and you belong here.

The medications you need, at rates you can afford.​

Access your plan information online

Get answers fast with telehealth services

Recently Lost Coverage?

Open enrollment is closed for 2023. However, certain life changes might make you eligible for special enrollment, like losing Medicaid.

Coverage doesn't have to end where Medicare leaves off.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

We offer affordable policies to supplement Medicare coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

CO-OP stands for Consumer Oriented and Operated Plan, which means that not only are our plans accepted by providers across the state, but as a CO-OP member, you have a voice and a vote in how the CO-OP is run. Our board of directors must be made up of a majority of our members – not big business. We reinvest all our profit into our Member-governed organization.

Your eyes and teeth can be key indicators of other, underlying health issues, which is why the CO-OP created vision and dental exam reimbursements.  Using these benefits is easy.  You just need to…

  • schedule your exam with any provider,
  • go to your exam and pay direct (don’t forget to get a copy of your receipt)
  • download the reimbursement form from our website,
  • and submit it to [email protected].  

Our team will process the paperwork and handle your reimbursement.   

Learn more

Find a doctor in the CO-OP’s network by clicking on “Find a Doctor” on the top of our website.  This feature helps you find quality care from local providers.  

Our member services team is always ready to answer your questions and help you navigate your plan.  You can contact the team by messaging through the member portal, calling 844-262-1560, or emailing [email protected].  

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