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Being a Co-Op Provider
As a non-profit, member-owned health insurance CO-OP, we are dedicated to ensuring access to quality cost-effective health insurance for our communities.

We offer an array of benefit plans that will fit your patient’s individual needs.

We believe doctors and hospitals should be fairly compensated for the work they perform.

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Coding Updates for Providers

Coding changes happen all the time. Join, or watch, our scheduled live webinars and read our quarterly Provider E-Newsletter to stay updated.

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Evaluation and Management CPT Updates

January 2024

Sequela & Complication Coding

Fall 2023 Webinar

Wellness Coding

Summer 2023 Webinar

Provider Newsletters

Spring 2024

Trying to discern member information when you have a busy front office can be frustrating. To recognize our members more easily read more. 

Year End Message - Winter 2023

As we close the door on yet another year of successful partnership, and our shared goal of improving healthcare outcomes and ensuring that every individual receives the care they deserve, I wanted to thank you for working with Mountain Health CO-OP. It’s true, we are smaller than most, but our roots run deep, and our heart is always where it needs to be, with our members.

Summer 2023

Details about our latest updates, telehealth, and Medicaid unwinding.

Spring 2023

Details about important updates. 

Winter 2022

Now that 2022 is behind us, this is an excellent time to review patient records to ensure everyone is current with their annual preventive visits for 2023.

Fall 2022

We’re pleased to announce the successful launch of the new, secure Mountain Heal CO-OP Provider Portal.

Summer 2022

The Federal No Surprises Act went into effect January 1, 2022, bringing new requirements for health plans and providers. 

Spring 2022

In recent years, suicide rates have continued to rise. This topic needs to be continually talked about to bring more education around suicide prevention.

Provider Contacts


Greg Sonnenberg
Vice President

Lindsey Shelton
Provider Network Specialist

855-447-2900 – Option 6

[email protected]


Leah Martin
Assistant Vice President

Jill Martin
Provider Network Specialist

Taetumn Bailey
Provider Network Specialist

855-447-2900 – Option 6

[email protected]


Morris McGaugh

Lindsey Shelton
Provider Network Specialist

855-447-2900 – Option 6

[email protected]


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