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How to file a claim
What factors should I consider when looking into Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?
Am I eligible for Medicare and when can I enroll?
What is a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan? Why should I consider purchasing one?
What is Medicare?
What’s covered for Covid?
How do I report life changes or cancel my policy?
How do I choose a provider network?
I selected a plan – how do I make my first payment?
What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network providers?
What kind of individual & family plans are available through CO-OP?
What special benefits make the CO-OP my best choice?
What can I do to see if I qualify for a lower premium to cover myself or my family?
What is individual & family health insurance?
My business purchased coverage from the CO-OP – where can we pay our premiums?
What kind of service do you provide groups?
My company has employees who work remotely/off-site. Can the CO-OP offer them coverage?
What makes the CO-OP a great choice for my business?
Can the CO-OP provide quality coverage for my employees?
How do I replace my Member ID card?
How does the CO-OP ensure the quality of its coverage and service?
I purchased my plan. When should I expect my ID card in the mail?
How thorough is the CO-OP’s network of providers?
I have questions about my coverage but can’t find the answers on the CO-OP’s website. Where do I go?
Who can purchase coverage from the CO-OP?
Where do I go if I can’t find details about my coverage?
Where can I find an in-network doctor?
How do I use the vision and dental reimbursements?
What does CO-OP mean?
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