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We have your team covered. Access to top-notch specialists, 100% preventive care coverage, dental and vision perks, and flexible plans that fit your team and budget.

Flexible health insurance plans for employers in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

All plans include our Signature Benefits.

Your team, your plan.

Whether your team is large or small, the CO-OP has you covered. Our plans offer a variety of benefits to provide the right coverage for your employees and budget.

All plans provide 100% coverage for preventive care and screenings along with our signature CO-OP benefits

Cover your team when it counts most.

Employer Healthcare Questions

Absolutely.  The CO-OP currently works with groups of all sizes across a variety of industries.  Our sales team will work closely with you to make sure the health insurance you offer your team will meet your budget and their needs. 

At Mountain Health CO-OP, your health is our bottom line. Our board of directors includes members from Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, which means your best interests are being protected.  

Thanks to members like you and our board, the CO-OP offers a number of special benefits in addition to a wide range of coverage options.  These special benefits* include…

  • an annual $60 vision exam reimbursement**,
  • an annual $100 dental exam reimbursement**,
  • hundreds of medications available with no out-of-pocket cost (including many insulins),
  • 24/7 access to a doctor through Doctor on Demand,
  • a travel benefit to access specialized care when you need it,
  • and more.

We also offer high-quality customer service for members, because we want you to know you’re in good hands.  

*Does not apply to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

**Some exclusions may apply, please review your outline of coverage.

Yes!  Groups don’t just have access to providers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming – they have access to a network of providers across the country.  This makes it easy for your remote employees to get the care they need without breaking the bank or needing to travel. 

In addition to having a great Member Service team to answer your employees’ questions, your plan administrator will have a dedicated account service representative.  Our representatives are knowledgeable and can help your company’s administrator navigate your group’s coverage and needs with ease.