Get the most out of your health plan.

Special Enrollment

You may still qualify for coverage in 2024 if you’ve lost coverage or experienced a qualifying life event.

Plan benefits designed to 
keep you healthy 
save costs 
in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

All individual, family, and employer health insurance plans come with our Signature Benefits.

What is a health CO-OP?

CO-OP stands for Consumer Oriented and Operated Plan. Health CO-OPs were established with the goal of offering affordable health insurance options, fostering competition and choice in the market.

We were created by individuals just like you, driven by the desire to ensure healthcare remains accessible to our neighbors, friends, and family members.

Our members receive top rated coverage, for a lower cost because our profits are reinvested back into our services and rates—not sent to shareholders.

As a CO-OP member, you have the opportunity to influence the decisions of the company through our member-governed board.

To enhance your coverage while keeping costs in check, we have incorporated fantastic benefits for your benefit.

We take pride in joining you on your wellness journey, alongside our plan administrator, University of Utah Health Plans (UUHP).

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How do I choose a health plan?

Maximizing Your Coverage

Learn how to save the most money while accessing the best care your plan offers.

Help with Health Conditions

We understand that new health changes and preexisting conditions — like asthma or diabetes — can be overwhelming.

We have resources to help you navigate and maximize your coverage.

Telehealth Benefit

Chat with a doctor anytime without an appointment.

No more long drives or waiting rooms.

24/7 access to online doctors wherever you go.

Pharmacy Benefits

$0 out-of-pocket cost for hundreds of prescriptions.

Including many insulins, select medications for depression, asthma, and more.

All available online.

Create a profile on Birdi using Rx information found on your Member ID card to order prescriptions online.

Dental & Vision Benefit

$100 for teeth cleanings.
$60 for eye exams.

Make an appointment.
Send proof of completed service.
Get paid.*

Make the most of this annual reimbursement by confirming cost of service before hand. 

Choose any provider. Then pay directly.

Afterwards, we pay you back towards the total cost of the treatment up to the allocated amount.

For example, if your eye exam cost $75 we’ll send a $60 reimbursement check. 

*This is a reimbursement program. Reimbursement payments are up to allocated amount. See details and examples.

Preventive Benefits

Catch changes before they become serious.

Prevent many health complications for $0.

Individual and group plans offer 100% coverage* for many preventive services when using in-network providers without charging you a copayment or coinsurance.

These services offer peace of mind and help you stay ahead of any changes.

*Must use in-network provider. Consult your outline of coverage for plan details. 

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Coverage doesn't have to end where Medicare leaves off.