Vote for our Board of Directors

Election ends September 30.

Voting is now open. Check your email. You received a personalized link that will safely sign you into the voting platform. Or click this link.

Download more information on our candidates here.

Newly elected board members will begin a 4-year term on January 1st, 2023.

Why join us?

When you purchased health insurance coverage, you may not have been thinking in terms of “joining” an organization; you may have simply been buying what you felt was the best available coverage.

But we are so much more than that: we are a nonprofit, governed by our members, providing service to our fellow members.

And we want your voice on the board!

Applications closed June 15. 


  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must not be in bankruptcy
  • Must not be an active employee of the CO-OP or a commissioned operator or consultant under contract with Mountain Health CO-OP
  • Must support the affairs of the CO-OP and complies with the adopted bylaws
  • Must be an insured member of MHC (Class A nominations only)
  • Each director must meet ethical, conflict-of-interest, and disclosure standards including that each director act in the sole interest of the CO-OP and, as appropriate, the health and wellbeing of its local geographic community
  • Individuals are not eligible if they are representatives of the following entities who are in high-level positions and are responsible for setting policy or similar key decisions are prohibited from serving as a director of the Company:
    • Any federal, state or local government (or of any political subdivision or instrumentality thereof)
    • A pre-existing issuer of health insurance other than issuers that market only Medicare or Medicaid managed care products

In 2013, our founding members were dedicated to creating a responsive, viable health care delivery system for their community. Voting members have had a direct voice since the beginning. That includes you!

Voting members elect our Board of Directors, the governing body that hires the chief executive officer and makes major policy decisions.

Members age 18 and older are eligible to vote. For more information email: [email protected]

Election results are announced at the annual membership meeting which is held in the 4th Quarter each year

As Mountain Health CO-OP’s elected governing body, the Board of Directors is legally responsible under federal and state law, and its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, for establishing, guiding, and assessing the overall direction and performance of the CO-OP.

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